App Store icon was stolen By Chinese clothing brand suing Apple

Apple has been hit with yet another lawsuit, this time from Chinese clothing company KON. They believe iOS 11’s new App Store icon looks a little too similar to their own brand logo.

iOS 11 ditched the paintbrush, pencil, and ruler for a more simplified version, reminiscent of a trio of popsicle sticks. Many people didn’t like the new icon based on aesthetic reasons, however it seems KON was upset for others.

KON has a registered Chinese trademark on their graphic, and if you compare the logos side by side you can see they may have a case.

KON is asking Apple to publicly apologize, as well as for economic compensation for their losses. More so, they are also requesting Apple stop selling all devices that use the infringing logo.

Phone Radar reports that the Beijing People’s Court has already accepted the case, and that they are expected to level their ruling in just a few weeks time. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Apple.

Most likely, if they are found guilty, they will simply work out a private deal with the company directly like they did with the iPhone trademark case they lost last year with a Chinese leather goods manufacturer.

What do you think of the two logos? Are they too similar?

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