Apple Finally Running Intel Chip Inside iphone 7

Apple Has Finnaly Shifted to Intel Processor and the prove for that is the new iPhone 7 which is the Newly Released iPhone from apple..

Why They Select Intel Chip / Processor in the New iPhone 7

Intel Chip Inside New Iphone 7  Well Not everyone knows that Intel Chip Inside iphone 7 is Real or not but the fact is that its true. Apple is Now Quit supporting on Intel Chips in there MacBook Series they are also using Intel Haswell Processors. Intel Chip Inside New Iphone 7 is going to be amazing with more awesome processing and Graphic Improvements. 

Intel supplied two RF transceivers which allow The phones to send and receive information over The  radio frequencies.The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus officially went on sale as the clock flipped over to Friday morning in time zones around the world. Its The Best Selling Phone of this Year By Apple.

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Intel Chip Inside New iPhone 7



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