Apple has a new app for developers: App Store Connect

App For Developers App Store Connect

App Store Connect Apple’s registered developers must manage their App Store apps using the clunky iTunes Connect web app. While iTunes Connect isn’t going anywhere yet, developers now have a dedicated iPhone and iPad app to monitor stats and respond to user reviews on App Store.

A developer can easily view reviews from all territories, and respond to them using their pocket computer The App Store Connect . Previously, they would have to find a computer and load the iTunes Connect website to make any change. Adding custom sales reports is unsupported at the moment.

The app requires a developer account and iOS 11.4 to use I won’t work on iOS 12.

if you want to get iOS 12 for you iPhone ,iPad then just simply click on download and get the iOS 12 beta profile but remember you won’t be able to use App Store Connect on IOS 12 beta 

Keep in mind that the App Store Connect app does not replace Apple’s existing iTunes Connect app for iOS, which lets app and iTune Store media providers see their sales trends and access the media items they have made available for download from Apple’s content stores.

Download App Store Connect for free via App Store.

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