Apple Leak Reveals new iPhone is massive in 2018

new iphone leaks reveals apple’s secret smartphones For the first time in many years, the most exciting new iPhone model will not be the most expensive at all. In fact, Apple AAPL -0.53% will roll back generations of price increases with a stunningly affordable ‘budget for the new  iPhone X Plus’. in the 2018-2019 Setup by apple.

new iphone design leaked

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Image source : Mac Otakara

new iphone 2018 screen leak

Yes, the much praised ‘bezel-less’ design of the iPhone X (middle) and the massive 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus (right) will not carry over to the cheaper design (left). Instead, the model (which I suspect will simply be called ‘iPhone’ like the entry level ‘iPad’), has uniformly thick bezels. This looks particularly odd on the sides of the device and makes it look like it’s in a case. In fact, putting a case on this model is going to make it look even worse.

apple iphone x leak reveals fhd screen

On the more expensive 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models (which Mac Otakara measures as 6-inches and 6.4-inches as there’s likely confusion over whether to include the curved corners of the display), they use OLED. These flexible panels can bend around the bottom of the display so the chunky display connector which normally hides a thicker bottom bezel (aka ‘chin’) can be moved on the back of the device. This is expensive to do and why even OLED-based Android rivals haven’t copied this technology
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