Apple New IOS 12 Beta Profile For iPad

IOS 12 Beta Profile For iPad

How to get the iOS 12 beta profile for iPad. Click Sign Up on the Apple Beta page and register with your Apple ID. Log in to the Beta Software Program. Click Enroll your iOS device. Go to on your iOS device. Download and install the configuration profile.

Alternative Methods For IOS 12 Beta For iPad

There is an Alternative Methods for iOS 12 Beta Profile to be download on your iPad without apple developer signup and you can get the profile and. easily install the iOS 12 on your iPad

  • First and foremost, make sure your device is compatible with iOS 12 Beta: iOS 12 Beta Device Compatibility List
  • Download this iOS 12 Configuration Profile straight onto your device and install it. The file is hosted on MEGA.
  • Restart your  iPad when asked.
  • Connect to WiFi, head over to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Once you see the iOS 12 software update, tap on Download and Install.
  • If all goes well, you can start using iOS 12 Beta normally on your device.

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