Apple New Wireless Charging Apple Airpods


Apple Has Just Released There New EarPhone which are named as apple AirPods.. they are same in design just like the previous EarPods , sound quality is also the same as the previous Headphones by apple..

Difference Between Normal EarBuds & New AirPods


If you are using iPhone 5 or newest iphone like 5s,6,6s, and 6s Plus then you are quit familiar with the design and looks of the iphone Earpods that always comes with the box.. Apple Always Bring change into there products every Year.. like in EarPods we use A Headphone jack or Pin you can say but now in the new iphone 7 EarPod they have removed the Common Headphone pin to the New Lighting pin which is also know as the charging pin or Jack for iphone to charge.. now in the same port you will be able to Charge your iPhone and also listen to song.. if you don’t like this pin then iphone AirPods are for you they are now Available in the Apple Store. you can easily Purchase these Bad 159$ USD.

Apple AirPods Specification

Well it comes with a Plastic Case and this case also your Pods Charger you just have to Put them inside the case and you ready to go.. airpods charging will last for more then 5 Hours of Continuous Listing songs.. when the battery is low just put your pods inside the case and they will automatically charge. Because of its Design they will not easily Come Out from your ears so there is less chances of getting your Pods Lost.


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