Apple Updated Their New Apple watchOS

New Apple watchOS 2

Do more in an instant. Style With You .


Performance & NavigationFaster

access to your favorite apps.

Now apps launch immediately with updated information, so they’re always ready when you are. You can easily get to the app you want by clicking the side button for the Dock. And swiping from the bottom of the watch face reveals Control Center for your most used settings.


Fresh faces. And fresh ways to switch them.

Choose from a variety of faces, and customize them with an even bigger selection of useful apps. And now you can switch faces on the fly, so you’ll always have the right one for whatever you’re doing. Start with the Modular face and apps for your workday. Then easily swipe to the Activity face as you head to the gym.


Share. Compare. Compete.

Fitness for all.

Sweat the

Quiet your mind.Relax your body.


Say it with a little flair. Or a lotimages

style with you .

For More About Apple Visit and also if you want to download the New iOS 10.2 Beta 3 Visit our Page.


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