Apples Sells IPhone 11 with a Discount in China

Due to Corona Virus Apple has loss their sell on the new iPhone 11 which was lunched in September 2019 and had a huge drop in sell which started from China and now the whole world, no one is buy iPhones due to Everything is shut, somehow now chines retails store is selling iPhone with a big discount.

Apple iPhone 11 on sell

The online store for Suning, a popular Chinese electronicsvendor, offers the 64GB version of the iPhone 11 for 4,999 yuan ($707.54), a discount of 500 yuan from the price listed on Apple’s official China Website.

The 64GB version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, meanwhile, sells for 7,499 yuan ($1,061.38), a discount of 1,600 yuan from the price on Apple’s China website.

source : Apple

You can see the discount of iPhone 11 in many Chinese retailers, including, Gome and Dangdang. In addition, several authorized Apple resellers on the popular Tmall website are now offering the discounted iPhone 11 devices as well.

As the sell will go down due to new iPhone 12 has fews months to go in September apple will announce their new iPhone 12 which will have the support of 5G as every other phone has in 2020.

Due to No 5G Support Most likely users won’t buy the iPhone 11 even in a cheap rate unless they need a new iPhone badly.

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