Beetle Vault Save Your Photo’s With BIO-Lock

iOSLIFT Apps : New Photo Vault Called Beetle Vault Revealed By IOSLIFT So As you can see in the image that this App consist of Bio-Matrix Touch ID option + Pascode if Your Touch ID don’t work

Beetle Vault include a new Design Look option and Many bugs are fixed in the PhotoVault 

Published Article : Wednesday  on Apple Store By  Faheem Ali, this image seen top of post apparently shows iPhone Photo Vault, Named Beetle Vault  and the other in a pretty deep shade for iphone Runing iOS 11 that I don’t think we’ve seen in an iPhone before.


Would you consider buying the next Beetle Vault Photo Vault  ? YEs OR NO


How To Download Beetle Vault

Beetle Vault is available on the AppStore For You To Download Just click on the Giving link below and download the Photo vault for your iPhone

Download Now 

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