iOSLift Proudly Produce the New Game For IOS Devices Support From iOS 7.x.x to iOS 11 Beta’s  Devil Fighter The Link of this Game will be Available soon for the App Store to download for you iPhone iPad iPod 



This is a Simple Game where you have to kill the Dead and Zombies Coming at you by tapping on your iPhone Screen or on the Fire button it selfs. and if the Zombies or The Dead Character Touches you then the game will be over , we are going to add multiple levels in it so if you Reach the score to Score >=70 then you will be redirect to another level of this game. where the quantity of the Villains will increase and they will become difficult to kill with time to time.We will Update the Devil Fighter Game.


Available On App Store Download Your Copy For iPhone


Price of Devil Fighter on The App Store

Well its our First Game so Will Are try to Place the Payment as minmum as we can So it will be around 1.99$ to 0.99$ it will be decided within the Meeting that we will have between us developer’s Friends.


Price of Devil Fighter on The PlayStore

Our Team Java is the Most Difficult Programming language so ill will take a lot of time to crate the Same Game For Android Users so Maybe the pricing of the Android Version will be Hight the the iOS Apps Store version. so we are going to make the payment for Playstore around 3.99$ to 4.99$ Depending on how users interact with our Application


Releasing Date of Devil Fighter

The Realizing date of Devil Fighter is going Be Mid- of – November,2017 With the first Release on Apple Store OR you can say the App Store of Apple For IOS Devices .