How To Replace iPhone 5s Battery in 6 Minutes

How To Replace iPhone 5s Battery in 6 Minutes

Every iphone user who is using iphone 5s are now facing the issue of iphones battery life cuz its not working as it should so here are some tips you can use to improve your iphone 5s battery life or you can Replace iphone 5s battery.

Battery Tips For Iphone 5s

Here are the 14 tricks I’ve found to be most useful…
  • Enable Wi-Fi Assist.
  • Enable Low Power Mode.
  • Stop Those Motion Effects.
  • Disable Dynamic Backgrounds.
  • Turn on Auto-Brightness.
  • Reduce Screen Brightness Manually.
  • Turn Bluetooth Off.
  • Turn Off 4G.
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi
  • Prevent Background App Refresh
  • Turn Off App Location Services
  • Turn Off System Location Services
  • Turn “Hey Siri” Off
  • Close all Backgroud Application

If All Else Fails? 

if All these tips dosent Helps you to improve the battery timing then the last option is to replace your iphones battery So in the bottom their is a video which will help you REplace iPhone 5s Battery

Be Carefull While Doing this Process

Vidoe Of How TO Repleace iPhone Battery

  • Steps You Should Be CareFull 
  • Dont bend the screen back farther then this or you will damage the cable.
  • BeCareFull when opening the lid of iphone beasue you might break the touch ID ribbin
  • Do it on your own risk im not responsible for Any Hardware or Physical Damage.
  • Dont Push To hard to open your battery From the Chassie of the iPhone.


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