iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING Features Leak

iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING Features Leak

iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING Features Leak Today about iOS 12 there has been a leak both exciting and disappointing at the same time regarding the contents of ios 12 regarding the features and something apple is planning that you may not like but at the same time you have to appreciate so in this post


Lets cover the contents of iOS 12 based on this leak what to expect later this year and I get so giddy when I think about the new updates coming to new iPhones  because you know I’ve been doing this for almost a decade yet every single time apple manages to add something even though it sometimes it may be smaller bigger regardless its just great to get updates and refinements all throughout

But this time on iOS 11 apple kind of failed I mean to be honest I have never had this much trouble with a new OS version bugs crashes just instability it has been pretty awful regardless Of the iPhone that you have and to prove that point where “iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING Features Leak” and much more .

Apple is now more working on the stability rather then Feature Talking about feature iOS 11 had many new feature but within those features there wear many bugs crashes personally I have never seen this type of crashes in my apple using history.



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