The Big Deal Apple Watch Series 3 At WWDC 2017 Event


The Big Deal Apple Watch Series 3 At WWDC 2017 Event

Apple Watch is the Number watch in the world but whats  rewarded thing  to apple is how people fell about Apple Watch Customer satisfaction around 97% people write to us and tell us how help them in real life

Features of Apple Watch

Smart activity coaching. :   Apple Heart rete sensor Most usage In Apple Watch is  heart rate moinitor in the world More info in Heart What on your watch face Resting heart rate Background  heart rate Recover hart rate how your heart rate down You will see all the info on Watch home page

Apple watch it will notifated you that if you are low Heart rate or hight & it Foucs on heart riddem : Atrial fibillartion : Having Unusual Pluse Rate Afteen ten os million : Often goes on dignosed


New feature Apple Heart Study

Get data with apple watch to trake on your Health this feature will be Available   on 1st November,2017 and all the apps will also be available on the app store.

Operating System of Apple Watch Series 3

The Operating System of the new Apple Watch Series 3 is Running Watch OS 4 which will be available with the new Apple Watch it self having many new features and Redesigned Layouts and Feature like  Redesigned Music  , Siri is Also Re-Degsin and fees much realistic the the previous one.

Shipping Date Of Apple Watch Series 3

The Shipping / Available date of the new Apple Watch series 3 is on 19th of September,2017

Price of New Apple Watch Series 3

Series 3 : with Cellular  | Price of 399$ | without Cellular | Price 329$ |  Series 1 :Simple | 249$ |








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