Top Apps Which Will Support IOS 12 on iPhone Xs Max

Top Apps Which Will Support IOS 12 on iPhone Xs Max

So as we know apple has released their Three new iPhone’s which are named as the Previous iPhone X, with the increment of S Max and R So the Names are like this iPhone Xs Max , iPhone Xs & iPhone Xr, with these Phone their is a big software upgrade in the lineup, Which is IOS 12.

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So as Iam personally using iOS 12 Beta on My iPhone and Mostly app are not working properly on my iphone , there are multiple bugs and error’s while mostly using apps from the AppStore  and as far as for the new iPhone’s there will be more problems in these version’s of iPhones.

So Some of the Most famous app will work Perfect for the new iPhone Xs max ,

So here are some Top Apps Which Will Support IOS 12 on iPhone Xs Max, you might be one of a user who use these apps in your daily life.

Youtube , twitter , Facebook , Intagram , Reddit , Tinder  these apps will be the first which will work perfect on the new iPhone Xs Max, where you will get the best user experience from these apps on the new iPhone Xs.

Basically I will take sometime for the developers to upgrade there application for the iPhone’s lineup, you will be able to download All the apps from the apple store but still they won’t be fun like they used to.

For more about what you think how the apps will work on the new iPhone leave a comment down below.



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