watchOS 6 Beta Downgrade Not Possible On Apple Watch

Apple’s recent WWDC opening keynote saw The New WatchOS6 for iWatch On 3rd June 2019, The were some Announcements for the new iOS 13, the new iPadOS 13, macOS 10.15, and watchOS 6 were all shown off, and new betas released as well.

Developers can install the WatchOS betas now, and while some non-developers may have ways of doing it. Especially in the case of watchOS 6.  Whatever the case, you might be wondering whether or not you can WATCHOS 6 BETA DOWNGRADE to watchOS 5? That’s a fairly good question, because if something goes wrong during usage then the most obvious thing to do is downgrade back to the public release of a particular platform, making things right software-wise, at least. For example, downgrading to iOS 12 from iOS 13 beta in case of poor performance and broken app compatibility. But things are a little different on the Apple Watch.


till now Apple hasn’t offered any mechanism for downgrading an Apple Watch from one version of watchOS to another. It’s not just a beta thing, it’s a watchOS thing and it’s the way things have been since day one the released of the AppleWatch.

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You can’t downgrade watchOS 6 beta to watchOS 5. The only is by installing betas of watchOS 6 until the release. The only other option would be to try to arrange a Genius appointment to see if they will downgrade it, but this can take a while. You will need iOS 13 on your device to pair to watchOS 6.

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