Yes Airpods are waterproof tested by ioslift

Yes Airpods are waterproof ,Airpods are the best released in the music industry since the release of iPhone 7, and mostly you folks are waiting for the new AirPods 2 which will be announced any time in 2019 and will be available in 2020.

Since we are talking about the AirPods Durability they are quite amazing in performance and durability, but still, Apple doesn’t say anything about Airpods being waterproof, but I personally got the airpods out in water, as we know no one will put their electronic device in water for this the best example of checking airpods in water was going out in the rain, So We went through with the Airpods in rain for like an Hour and they were sounding amazing until the Airpods were completely full of water and there was a certain point where the Airpods Bass Was Gone and I was listening to music without Bass and they didn’t sound that well, But for more than an hour they were perfectly fine, and in the end when I got home to get the water out from both airpods and played the music and they worked as Like they were new when we brought it in the first place because of the UnNessersry dirt was washed out from the airpods.

So in the end, we won’t suggest you get your airpods out in the water but still if you do then don’t worry about them getting water damaged unless they are fixed or repaired without proper Sealing, as we know Airpods are waterproof

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