CPLC Mobile Check

How To Do CPLC Mobile Check Step-By-Step Guide

CPLC Mobile Check Online In Pakistan

CPLC Mobile Check Step By Step Guide and Verification to avoid purchasing a stolen phone or falling victim to fraud. To learn the 100% effective technique for CPLC mobile verification in 2023, refer to the step-by-step instructions provided below. 


CPLC Mobile Check Verification 2023-2024:

For CPLC mobile verification 2023-2024 dial *#106# then wait for the IMEI range that will appear on your screen. Then check CPLC to confirm the IMEI range of used mobiles before purchasing. IMEI of mobile phones shows the data of snatched or stolen phones that would help purchase a phone. You can Also Visit CPLC Official website

CPLC helpline for stolen phone:

If your phone gets stolen or snatched you can complain on the CPLC helpline number to block your phone. CPLC contact number is 021-35662222 and 021-35682222. After dialing this number inform your IMEI number to the helpline. You can also dial the 1102 CPLC helpline number.

How to check the IMEI number:

Dial *#106# to check your IMEI number or you can also check your mobile phone’s toolbox.

You can use any of the above-mentioned ways to block lost or stolen mobile devices. You are strongly recommended to submit a complaint as soon as you reasonably can whenever such an unpleasant incident occurs. Blocking has the effect of preventing someone from abusing the information available on your mobile phone.


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