As PTA Tax is touching the Skys everyone is wondering how to get a easy solution to use phone without PTA Tax in Pakistan, so here are some quick info about bypassing PTA Tax in Pakistan.

Mobile Phone Tax Calculator For Import of Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Mobile Phone Value in USDTax in Pak Rupees (PKR)
Up to 301230
Above 30 and up to 1006400
Above 100 and up to 20017280
Above 200 and up to 35023800 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 350 and up to 50034000 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 500 and up to 70052000 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 70060000 + 17% Sales Tax
PTA Tax in Pakistan on Imported iPhones

Here’s How to check IMEI of the phone before buying:

Step 1: Extract the IMEI number of Your Device:

In order to extract 15 digit IMEI number, dial *#06# in your mobile dial page. IMEI number is also mentioned on the box of your device.

How to know if the Phone has a Valid IMEI

Step 2: Check if the device is registered or not:

Once you get your 15 digits IMEI number then you will be able to know that whether your handset is registered or not. You can check it via website, SMS or Android application.

  • If you want to check via Web then visit > enter 15 Digit IMEI number > Press ‘Check’
  • If you want to check via SMS then write a new message > type your 15 digits IMEI and send it to 8484

How To ByPass PTA Tax

As we All know PTA Working with Local Carrier and once the specific dates are over the network carrier locks your phone so you can not make any calls or use Cellular network on your specific device like iPhone or any other smartphone device.

To Fix the issue you can install IMIE Changer App From Cydia which can be found easily and from there you can change the IMEI Number according to your Need’s after changing the IMEI Number you can use your phone as its been activated for the first time In Pakistan network.

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