Jailbreak Cydia For iOS 11 With Configuration Profile

Jailbreak Cydia For iOS 11 With Configuration Profile

Cydia Is The Top Most Favourite thing a Iphone User wannted so here  you can get the cydia for ios 11, with Muptiple Methods of getting Cydia on Your iPhone & iPad

Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

This is a more advanced method, so you will need to follow these steps very carefully :

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to this [ link
  2. Look for the link to Install Directly to iOS Device and tap on it
  3. In your Settings app, which automatically opens, tap on Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in and Safari will open
  5. Tap on the Install Cydia link and then on Install on the confirmation window 
  6. Back in Settings, tap on Install > Next 
  7. Tap Done and then wait for Cydia to be installed on your device 
  8. Launch the Cydia app and enjoy

Yalu Jailbreak [ Expert Method ]

As most jailbreakers know, iOS 10 wasn’t the most successful of iOS versions for jailbreaking but we did have Yalu jailbreak from Luca Todesco. He has updated his utility to support the download of Cydia on iOS 11 now but, before you do, you need to be aware of a couple of things first :

Image : Yalu iOS 11 Jailbreak

  • The only devices supported by Yalu are the iPhone 5S up to and including the iPhone 6S Plus
  • You must have a valid Apple ID because you will need to use Cydia Impactor to install Yalu on your devices
  • Because Yalu is semi-untethered, it has to be reactivated whenever you reboot. However, Extender Installer will help by automating this for you

Image : Cydia iOS 11

If you want to install Cydia on iOS 11, the linked article below provides all the details you need:

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