Apple buggy iPhone X ad before fixing the actual iOS 11 bug Reported

Apple buggy iPhone X ad before fixing the actual iOS 11 bug Reported

Apple’s launch of the iPhone X didn’t go exactly to plan following a live demo fail during the introduction of a key new feature. A flustered Craig Federighi struggled to unlock the device while demonstrating Face ID, Apple’s new facial recognition software. “Unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping

Offical Apple iPhone X Ad

Apple published a new ad for its iPhone X last week, demonstrating the new Face ID unlock feature. It also demonstrated an iOS 11 bug, where the text from an iMessage escapes the animated bubble it’s supposed to stay inside. While it was a relatively minor issue, Apple has decided to update its ad on YouTube (somehow, without having to republish it) to remove the iOS 11 bug by re-shooting the scene it appears in. It’s not clear if this means the company now plans to fix the bug in its upcoming iOS 11.3 update, but Apple is clearly very aware of it now at least. buggy iPhone X ad

iPhone X Fixed Ad

iPhone X Buggy Ad


” The Verge highlighted the bug last week, after 9to5Mac writer Benjamin Mayo spotted it in the commercial. iOS 11 includes a number of odd UI bugs, including regularly misaligned text in the App Store, vanishing docks, and rotation issues. Apple is reportedly focusing on reliability and performance in iOS 12 over new features, though. Reports suggest Apple is delaying some major iOS features, and planning to fix bugs in its software instead. That should mean the company won’t have to edit its ads in the future to avoid these types of weird iOS 11 bugs that are common enough to creep into a TV commercial.


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