Apple HomePOD is Cheaper in India

Apples homePod is Cheaper in India as the original price of HomePod is around $299 where in India the new price for HomePod is 19,900 rupees, which works out to about $263.

Even though the prices are cheap for HomePod in India there is not much of a big Sale, As in India not everyone is aware of HomePod or They just want the iPhone or the Mac For them selfs.

For comparison, a pair of AirPods Pro that retails in the United States for $249 is available in India for 24,900 rupees — or $328.75. In India, the new $399 iPhone SE is the equivalent of $561. And the $699 iPhone 11 is what would be $902.

So if you live in US and planing to visit India definely buy the HomePod which will save you some bucks as visiting India.

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