Apple’s New iPadOS description video

Apple Relased a Description video for the new iPadOS which is going to be realsed on 30Th September 2019, The Home screen has been redesigned to take advantage of the large iPad display in iPadOS . A refined layout lets you see more apps. And you can pin useful widgets on the front page which you gonna love.

Here What Apple Has to Say :

Introducing iPadOS. Now iPad is even more capable, with powerful new features, including effortless multitasking and desktop-class browsing.

In iPadOS we get to see how easy it is quickly switch between apps in the revamped Slide Over. You can see how easy it is to shrink the software keyboard for one-handed typing, and also the fact that the keyboard supports swiping to input text.its a great Combo for iOS and IPad.

Here’s the iPadOS video By Apple

Images copyright : Apple

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