Apples upcoming IPHone 12 Supports 5G in 2020

IPHONE 12 SUPPORTS 5G : Apple hasn’t announced when it will officially announce a 5G iPhone, but it is expected to be in 2020 with the new iPhone 12 Pro, Nikkei Asian Review reported that sources have claimed Apple is in talks with mobilisation suppliers to produce a range of three iPhones with 5G data connectivity IPHONE 12 SUPPORTS 5G IN Pakistan 2020

As this time The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the most recent models and they do not support 5G. Nor do any previously released iPhones.

What is iPhone 12 5G Connection.?

5G is the successor to 4G. It should be able to offer download speeds of around 1Gb/s (gigabits per second) – maybe even 10Gb/s. That would make it possible to download an HD movie in just 10 seconds rather than around 10 minutes, as is currently the case.

iPhone 12 Supports 5G

Where IPhone 12 5G Support is Available

launch of 5G coverage in the UK by two of the major networks: EE was first, on 30 May 2019, and was followed on 3 July by Vodafone. O2 is also running 5G trials, but it – and other networks – may not offer 5G until 2020

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