Cheap Web-hosting in Karachi Pakistan

This Post is For Pakistani People who are willing to work online as a freelancer or wanna work with google Adsense but are not sure where to start from and which is Cheap web-hosting in karachi Pakistan.

There are multiple web-hosting providers in across the internet so are not trusted some are fake and may take your personal information and other credit card information, Although some are trusted but their payment method is not valid in Pakistan.

So personally i’m going to share my experience where you can start from and how you can work from scarp.

there are some steps you have to follow to get your Business and website up and running

First Step : Buy a website from a trusted Site i would prefer silkhost because im one of their cilents and there service is good in terms of Website configuration and Troubleshooting problems

GoDaddy is also good source of Buying a website but the payment method is Way More difficult and contacting them through the Telephonic Support is way expensive

SilkHost Provides Local Methods Pay the Fees of your Selected Domain like Bank, EasyPassia , Paypal , Online Transfer Through ATM.

Second Step : Once you got the domain Get WordPress installed and update some contents on the site around 80 Post would be enough to get around 300-700 Page Per View which is good for applying to Google Adsense

Third Step : visit Adsense and Signup with your “XyZ Domain” and wait for a week or two to get approved by adsnese once your domain is approved you’ll see Some Ads running on your website congratulation you now can earn from your website.

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