Downloading from the App store without Password

If you are Purchasing A lot of apps from mac Apps Store and you are tired of entering you same password again and again for downloading from the App store, so there are two ways which will help you Solve this problem help you to Download apps easily.


Downloading From the App store

To Find These Setting : Go to “System Preferences” , Select /Choose “App Store” and now look at the password area at the bottom

Change the App store Setting

Change the First Setting , Purchase and in-app Purchase , From Always required to Required After 15 Min now you can easily Download A lot of Apps In 15 min without entering the password of your App Store ID  You just now only have to enter your password after every 15 min

The Second Step is that : Go to Free Download , and change it from Required Password to Save Password with this setting you can install free apps without Entering your Password.


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