Flood in Saadi town Karachi Pakistan 2017

Flood in Saadi town Karachi First Happened in 2013 &  its Again Taking its path to Saadi town , this Tragedy happened in 2017 in the past more then 5 people was drowned in flood. Two of my Relatives where died in this Flood,

What are the Reason of Flood in Saadi Town Karachi

Main Reason of Flood in Saadi Town Karachi  is The Sewerage Systems which are not proper at all I personally Visit the Site From where the flood is coming to Saadi Town & the Gutter lines are Totally waste they are not functioning properly at all. The Government of Pakistan is Responsible for this. The Flood basically came from Guddab Dam Because a Side of the dam just got borked by Increasing of Water Pressure you can also see the Position of Saadi town in the following Video..


Flood Position of Saadi Town Karachi

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