Future credit card will be like Apple Card

Apple now up for changing MasterCard and Goldman Sachs A new kind of credit card.
Created by Apple, not a bank

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Apple’s plan to transform the world of credit cards in the image of Apple Card seems to have progressed further than anyone might have thought, thanks to a top-secret project with Mastercard.

Apple is Now Innovate everything

The news is that Apple, Goldman Sachs and Mastercard have been quietly working together to make similar technologies available for use by other card issuers.

Using Apple Card with Apple Pay

Apple Card is designed to work with any other credit or debit card stored in the Wallet app for use with Apple Pay. You can set it as the default card and use it for in store purchases on iPhone and online purchases on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

Apple MasterCard Source Apple

Apple Card completely rethinks everything about the credit card.
It represents all the things Apple stands for. Like simplicity, transparency, and privacy.
It builds on the incredible ease and security that millions of people love about Apple Pay.
And it’s the first card that actually encourages you to pay less interest.
You can buy things effortlessly, with just your iPhone. Or use the Apple‑designed titanium card anywhere in the world.
Apple Card lives on your iPhone, in the Wallet app. And that makes all kinds of new things possible.
You can sign up in no time and start using it right away with Apple Pay.1 For every purchase you make, you get Daily Cash. And it really is cash. So you can spend it however you want, right from your iPhone. Have a question? Just text. It’s that simple.

What Material Apple Card is Made up of.?

The Titanium Apple Card With Apple Card you can make digital Apple Pay payments, but Apple is also providing a physical card. Since this is a credit card designed by Apple, it is, of course, unique among credit cards. 

Credit Limits

As with any other credit card, there is a credit limit for Apple Card that will vary from person to person. A better credit score means a higher credit limit, and credit limit also increases over time. 

Making Payments

You’ll be able to pay your Apple Card balance using a linked bank account or Apple Cash in the Wallet app. 

Multiple Users

There is no option for multiple users or sharing cards at this time. There’s one card per person and one card per account. 


Apple says there are no annual fees, international fees, fees for making a late payment or fees for exceeding your credit limit. 

There may be no late fees, but if you make a late or miss one payment, Apple says this will result in “additional accumulating toward your balance.” That means making a late payment will not result in penalty rates, aka increased interest rates. You’re still going to have to pay interest on the outstanding balance, and a late payment will impact credit score, but interest rates won’t increase. 

There are no foreign transaction fees, but the exchange rate for foreign transactions is determined by Mastercard. 

Interest Rates for Apple MasterCard

Apple says Apple Card will offer an APR between 13.24 percent and 24.24 percent based on your credit score. On the low end, that’s lower than the national average APR of 17.67 percent, so the card will be a good deal for those with high credit scores. 

Since 15-years later, Apple rewards Apple Card users with 3% cash-back when purchasing Apple hardware, products or services. Eventually it seems possible the cash back on your Apple product purchases will become a means of exchange for your next ride in your friendly neighbourhood Apple Car.

Article Source : Google Random Search , Apple ,ComputerWorld

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