How To Downgrade IOS 13 To iOS 12 Safely WIthout Losing Data

Since the Release of IOS 13 Beta Many of users have installed IOS 13 on the devices but Some of the Users had Many Issue while Installing IOS 13 on their iPhones and iPads So Here is a Solution for Downgrading IOS 13 to iOS 12 Safely without losing any Data.

Note, make sure to backup your data via iCloud (most importantly Messages & Safari) as well. Some are reporting that messages weren’t recovered, but if you have them backed up via iCloud, this won’t be an issue.

How to Find Backup Files for IPhone

Note You can See the Backup on your Pc/Laptop on Given Address

For Mac Users : backup files are located in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

For Windows Users : – Backup files are located in C:\Users\(username)\Apple\MobileSync\Backup

How to Download IPSW For Downgrade From IOS 13 to IOS 12

Once you are done backing-up your Phone now you have to download the IPSW For IOS 12 By Simply Going to IPSW.Me Just select your Device and Download the newer version os IOS 12 on you Mac/PC

When ipsw is downloaded on your PC/Mac Just Connect Your iDevice and Press Shift Button and Click On Restore Update and Select the IPSW from your PC / Mac

Downgrade from ios 13 to IOS 12

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