How To Earn Money From Facebook Page with Google Adsense

 I want to show How to earn money from facebook page with Google Adsense

So friends. you are here to add google ads on your Facebook page and you are at the right place you will get all the step of adding Google ads on Facebook page   but with this process their are many problems and your account might get banned because of this. - how to earn money from facebook page in telugu with ...

Step 1: Go to your page and write: Static HTML iframe tabs or search on static HTML iframe tabs Step

Step 2: Click adds static HTML toa page. 

Step 3: Click/select your page what you want to add.

Step 4: Click Set up tab.

Step 5: Find the video on youtube or your video to publish.

Step 6: Right click on your youtube video & copy embed code.

Step 7: Go to your ads code in google Adsense to put in your video.

Step 8: Click publish and save.

Step 9: View in your facebook.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Fan Page With Google Adsense - YouTubeNow you can see your ads in your facebook pages right now. you can edit your post in edit tab. Hello, all of you. This video would like to show you about as Google AdSense for facebook page how do you make/earn money with google Adsense. So it means to get the code from google Adsense to put on the facebook page, and you will earn money from google ads. this will improve your earning without any website advertising,


Attention Adsense Users : 

By Doing this trick you will be Breaking the Google Terms and Policy your account may get banded because Facebook is a. different platform and google is different 

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