iOS 12 untethered jailbreak By Ali Security demos

Ali Security New untethered jailbreak on iOS 12

Apple released iOS 12 to the public on Monday 17th Sep afternoon, and not even one full day after release, security firms have begun teasing IOS 12 untethered jailbreaks on the new mobile firmware.

The latest proof-of-concept video comes by way of Ali Security. Shown below, it demonstrates the process of the firm’s in-house jailbreak tool

Here is the Video Of iOS 12 untethered jailbreak


As You can see the  iOS 12 untethered jailbreak By Ali Security demos  is working perfectly fine on the new iPhone X and Defiantly it will support the new iPhone Xs , and iPhone xs Max.

So as we can see in the demo video the iPhone was rebooted and it was working perfectly fine after the reboot that mean I not a iOS 12 tethered jailbreak, its a legit jailbreak break for the new iOS 12.


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