iPhone Apps Are Missing Here is a Solution How To Fix

iPhone Apps Are Missing.?Why

If you’ve been experiencing the curious case of iPhone Apps are missing on your iPhone or iPad, let me reassure you right now by telling you this is not a software bug, but rather human error.

In this article, we will see possible reasons why apps might be missing from your Home screen, and of course, I will also show you how to recover those missing apps that have Missing  from your iPhone or iPad.

Thing you Should Do First Before Conforming that apps are removed

Before trying to figure out how to get your iPhone missing apps back, you should make sure you or someone with access to your device haven’t accidentally moved an app icon from one screen to another. If you have kids and you let them play with your iPhone or iPad, they might have accidentally dragged an app icon across multiple Home screens, making it look like the app is missing, when in reality it’s just somewhere else.

So to solve this issue just search for the apps that you think are missing by name and if you see the apps on your iPhone that means that the app is still present on your iPhone.

After performing a search of your device, if you’re still not finding the missing app, then it means it’s been deleted. The good news is, you will easily be able to download it again from the App Store. To do so, open up the App Store app, and type the name of the missing app in the search box, then download it again.

As mentioned above, apps don’t just disappear on their own. If they just haven’t been moved around, they are typically deleted by someone, either by accident, or on purpose. If you don’t remember deleting an app that is not showing on your Home screen anymore, maybe look elsewhere in your household. Having two young kids of my own, I know that they have on many occasions messed up my app layout and even deleted apps without their knowledge.

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