iPhone XS Home Button Adapter Do It All Adapter

iPhone XS Home Button Adapter Do It All Adapter

iPhone XS Home Button Adapter Do It All Adapter The Home Button Is Back. This Cheap Adapter Add a Working Home Button To iPhone X + Headphone Jack & Charging Port.

Virtual On Screen Button

 it’s actually an accessory I first saw on 905 Mac and it basically adds a home button to your iPhone 10 if that was a feature you’re missing you could get it back right now using this really cheap adapter I’m not talking about those virtual on-screen Hall buttons





iPhone XS Home Button Adapter it’s so hard it’s made by a tiny company in China and only by one person basically, it is really really hard to get so through something else in here.I saw it just liked how unique of a concept it was let’s check it out so iPhone Xhome button plus audio jack  this is kind of a do-it-all type of adapter it basically has a
headphone jack adapter and you can charge your phone at the same time and you get a home button to boot so this could be one of your favorite accessories potentially support new ios 11- IOS 12 no need app just plug and play compatible with iPhone 10 iPhone 5 6 so I’m running iOS 12.1 the newest firmware let’s see if it works plugging it in here alright DoubleTap

HOw APps WOrks ON iPhone XS Home Button Adapter

 let’s jump into its apps Wow it is literally so responsive that’s crazy so here’s a deal with the virtual home button when you click it there’s like a delay this is instant you click it and it happens so Wow I am beyond impressed right now double tap activates the app switcher going back.

Disbenefits of iPhone HOME BUTTON ADAPTER

Note: ℵSiri Does not work for iPhone XS Home Button Adapter for now but maybe in the future updates, Siri will also for a fine for the iPhone X Series. 
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  • GTIN : 0716955168077
  • UPC : 0716955168077
  • eBay Product ID (ePID) : 19015624933

Product Key Features

  • Model : TN-HB001
  • Type : Audio Jack, Camera, Charging Port
  • Compatible Model :
    For iPhone X, For iPhone 6, For iPhone 7, For iPhone 6s, For iPhone 6 Plus, For iPhone 8, For iPhone 4, For iPhone 6s Plus, For iPhone 7 Plus, For iPhone 8 Plus
  • Color : White
  • Compatible Brand For Apple

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