New iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan

iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan



So Welcome Pakistani Friends As you All Know about Apple That they have just release there new iPhone 7 that will be shipped on 16-September-2016 On Friday.

What will be the iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan

Well i Personally Visited Sudder which is The Biggest Mobile Market in Karachi Pakistan well my Basic Aim Was to Purchse iPhone 6 But the shop Keeper told me not to buy the iPhone 6 for now because of the new release of the iphone 7

So what will be the iphone 7 price in Pakistan

i have noticed and asked many People in sudder and they told me that the new price of this mobile Box Pack will be around 1 Lac Rs and i am quit surprise that the original price in $ is not that high its as same as the previous  iPhone.  As Compare to the market value the olx prices are quit Different  then the market value..But in Pakistan our Beloved Country As we all know Tax are included while purchasing something without tell us .. So For Now The Offial price will be 1 Lac 15 Thousand or My Be Below 1 Lac so lets see what iPhone brings for us Pakistani with features and Prices because now many of Pakistani are becoming fans of apple Products and Day day its increasing the selling of iPhone are Getting slimier to the Android Phone and HTC Phone. so perhaps you guys have to will till you get the hand on the  iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan


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