Top Best Screen Sharing App For Mac and Windows

Best Screen Sharing App For Mac

which is the Best Screen sharing app for Mac & windows everyone is in Concern about it so the basic thing is how to get that app and whats its name.

X-Mirage is giving 75% off on its application so you can avail there products in cheaper rates, I personally use x-mirage Screen recorder which I’ve purchased last year there are less error’s and works smoothly on Mac.

What Is X-Mirage.?

Features Of X-Mirage

  • Mirror

    Mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or PC, wirelessly. AirPlay Mirroring makes it simple to project the screen of iOS devices to your computer.

  • x-mirage, multiple devices mirror

    Multiple devices

    Mirror multiple iOS devices to one Mac or PC. You can name your computer to distinguish it from other AirPlay receivers. Invite your friends to mirror your favorite games to the same computer and compete with each other. Sharing has never been so easy.

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    One-click recording

    Make demo videos, app design or showcasing, record lessons for students, record iOS games, iOS app tutorials. Whatever you do on your iOS devices can be recorded, then exported.

    Mirroring. What you see on Mac/PC is what you show on iPhone, iPad or iPod. x-mirage is really user-friendly to use ecord iPhone screen on PC/Mac. Just mirror the iPhone to PC/Mac and then hit the Record icon when you want to start recording. Click it once more to stop the recording.

    How To Download X-Mirage

  • To Download X-Mirage just simply go on this page and you can get the x-mirrage for free with a Trial and if you love the features of This App then you can simply purchase it

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