What will be the name of new iPhone in September

 Name of new iPhone in September

.Apple. Changes name of their iPhone every year including S in the last.

For example

iPhone 3G , 3GS , 4 , 4S ,5,5S ,6 ,6s , 6 plus , 6S Plus , 7 , 7 Plus

now we will see the name of new  iPhone in September will be iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus in the September event where they will introduce the new iPhone with many new features that will be in the new iPhone 7s 

On of the best feature will be Touch ID it will be improved in the new iPhone 7s, it will also come with iOS 11 which doubles the security of an iPhone,

If you want to get hands on the new iOS 11 beta in advance just click over here and you will get the new iOS 11 beta 3 for you idevice running iPhone , iPad & iPod.

I’m personally using iOS 11 and it’s Touch ID purchase is amazing it’s really fast and much secure the the previous iOS  Touch ID purchasing

Camera may get some improvements in the frames and also In the mega pixel

Processor and Ram will also be double in the new iPhone 7s in September events 




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