What’s next for iOS?

 We break down rumored Siri Updates

next for iOS? It comes in a new version of iOS with every year and this year will likely be no different. In 2017, we want to be previewed during the summer with a release to the public enterprises and public betas should expect the collapse of the OS 11. It is also likely that we will see a low-key release in the spring with iOS 10.3.20

Apple iOS 10.3 and iOS Keep reading for some ideas as to what might have up its sleeve for 11 …

One important thing to note is that it is difficult to speculate on Apple’s software. The main reason often leak as we have for doing that is that it has been fully tested in Apple, I do not see the iOS app, the hardware is designed by Apple and I prototyped and manufactured by companies abroad. But there have been plenty of supply chain, from hardware to leak, a lot of clues about what to expect from iOS in return.

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