Which Charger is Good For iPhone 8 & iPhone X

 What Charger is Good For iPhone 8 & iPhone X

Apple New iPhone 8 & iPhone X is Available to Users Now Let Talk About which charger will be good for iPhone 8 and iPhone x .  Alongside wireless charging, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support a new feature Apple has dubbed fast charge. Apple states that you can achieve 50% battery with just 30 minutes of charge time.

Wireless charging is a convenient way to charge, but the speed is exceptionally slow. Wirelessly, you can charge with 5W (soon to be upgraded to 7.5W later this year). That is the same as Apple’s slowest USB power adapter. If you are looking for a quicker way to fuel up, fast charge is your best option. Of course, it isn’t nearly that simple and you must use a compatible cable and power adapter to make it happen.

Lets Talk About Lightning cable


When it comes to the Lightning cable, you really only have one option: Apple. Currently, Apple does not certify any third-party manufacturers to produce USB-C Lightning cables.


Let Talk About Performance

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