Two Case of Coronavirus in Karachi One of them is Safe

As Per Source : On Wednesday, Pakistan reported its first two cases of coronavirus, Special Assistant to PM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed. “I can confirm first two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable,” Dr Mirza wrote on Twitter.CORONAVIRUS IN KARACHI

Source Said : Some schools are closed, including in the largest city Karachi, and flights to and from Iran have been suspended. and Till 15th March School are closed in Baluchistan.


History of Coronavirus Patient in Karachi

The family and friends of the patient in Karachi who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus have not contracted it as well. The 22-year-old travelled to Iran where he contracted the virus. His case was confirmed Wednesday night along with another case in Islamabad.  He is in quarantine at Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi while his family had been quarantined at Dow University of Health Sciences’ Ojha Campus. They have now been cleared of the virus and can go home. Health authorities tested 20 of the patient’s family and friends and none of them have showed signs of contracting the virus. Six more people are currently being tested. Dow University and AKUH have free testing facilities where people can get tested if they believe they came in contact with someone who has contracted the virus or recently travelled to Iran or China. these are the only two cases reported in Pakistan and the health department says the virus in under control in the country. It has urged people not to panic.

As the 22-year old patient has been given the green sign and Discharged from the hospital of AGUH and went back home as their family and friends were also scared and given a green chit with the infection, There are reports of a shortage of masks but the government says there is no need to panic. as the mask which used to cost around PKR 5 are now sold around 100Rs PKR with the price of the Box is 2700RS PKR

Note : Pakistan has closed its border to Iran and is screening people at the border with Afghanistan.

More detail about the patient

inCase of Emergency

If you are a resident of Sindh and have any information to report or wish to seek help for someone who may have the coronavirus, Please contact the following numbers.

Telephone Numbers:

  • 021-99204405
  • 021-99206565
  • 021-99203443
  • 021-99204405

Mobile Number:

  • 0316-0111712

Federal Govt Helpline:

  • 1166

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