512 GB OLED iPhone Retail Price Will Be 1,199$

512 GB OLED iPhone Retail Price Will Be 1,199$

Rumour source,  said the entry-level iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, iPhone Edition or whatever Apple names the device) with 64 gigabytes of storage would start at $999, with other storage SKUs adding an extra $100 to the base price.

The iPhone 8 pricing should be as follows:

  • 64GB iPhone 8—$999
  • 256GB iPhone 8—$1,099
  • 512GB iPhone 8—$1,199

For context, this is what the iPhone 7 Plus models retail for in the US:

  • 32GB iPhone 7 Plus—$769
  • 128GB iPhone 7 Plus—$869
  • 256GB iPhone 7 Plus—$969

 Apple’s next iPhone could be its most expensive yet on Earth.

A source with knowledge of Apple’s plans,made claims back in February that the OLED iPhone would be priced at more than $1,000 due to advanced technologies, including the OLED display panel which is estimated to cost the company roughly twice as much as the LCD panels used in current iPhones.

Last week, The New York Times said the baseline OLED iPhone could start at $999.

According to few of reports this month, Apple may skip the S-branding entirely for the first time in 8 year’s and call the OLED iPhone “iPhone X” while updates to the iPhone 7 series would be marketed as iPhone 8” and “iPhone 8 Plus”.

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