Apple Introduced New Apple iPhone 7 Dual Camera


As you know apple as just Released There New Products and on of the product is the new iPhone 7 with a New Color named as Jet Back.with iPhone 7 Dual Camera

Features of Apple iPhone 7 Dual Camera


Apple Has Said That they Have maken the New iPhone 7 in to a Professional Pocket Camera which can do more then just your normal Camera. it can Send Text, Watch movies , surfing the internet and many more you can do with this bad baby..

Apple has Imposed New 12 megapixel Camera on to the new 7 Plus..with 2 Rear Camera now you can zoom up to 5x without and drops of pixels. a still HD Shot will be taken from the new iphone 7 Plus. One Great thing about Apple is that The Price are same as the Previous Iphone 6s Plus so you & i can Easily Afford This Bad Baby in our hands and into our Paints Pocket.. i Think that is 7 Plus phone is Specially for Girls because it so Huge in size that i cannot easily Fit into our Normal Paint pocket but for the girls they have Huge size purse so iPhone 7  can be placed easily..



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