iPhone SE Vs iPhone 7 Battery Shocking Results With SE


There were a surprising and awesome iPhon SE Vs iPhone 7 Test Results That you can see for your self. Apple’s iphon SE is listed as lasting on a full charge up to 12 hours on 3G and on  13 hours of  LTE, and  Wi-Fi. Also claimed it is  up to 14 hours of talk, 13 hours of HD video playback, and 50 hours of audio playback. Standby time is up to 10 days.As in Apple Spacifications.

So Who Will Win in iPhone SE VS iPhone 7

So Now im Going to show you some of the Specs of iphone SE Vs iPhone 7 


so here you can see in the image that iphone Se is Having More Battery time in LTE , WIFI , Video PlayBacks , Facetime.. its Better Then The New iPhone 7


Here At This Image that are Actually Specification Uploaded at  Apple Whee you can compare iPhone Models with Each Others. The iPhone 7 also has 14 hours of talk time, and 12 hours on 3G LTE time is one hour less at 12 hours, and with Wi-Fi time exceeds that of the SE is hitting up to 14 hours. Audio playback is 10 hours less and up to 40 hours.  video playback times matching the SE same  13 hours Video


The iPhone 7 Plus his having a better battery than the iPhon SE or iPhone 7. with  up to 21 hours of 3G talk time, 16 days of standby time, 13 hours of LTE and 3G internet access, 15 hours of Wi-Fi time, 14 hours of video playback, and  60 hours of audio playback.

SE VS 7 Battery Comparison :


The iPhone SE battery is having a 1624 mAh unit charge . At this time, it is Also unknown what capacity having in the two devices and  in the iPhone 7 we have the similarly-sized iPhone 6s size battery which  has a 1715 mAh battery, with the iPhone 6s Sized Battery in iphone 7. 2750 mAh battery

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