Apple Product :High Price of iPhone 8 & iPhone X in Pakistan

Their is To Much High Price of iPhone 8 & iPhone X in Pakistan

Pakistan is Also getting a huge Jump in techonoly but unfournatioly the prices of the electronic products are really around Pakistan, even the Prices of iPhone 8 and iPhone X are really high in Pakistan which are Really hard to buy

Not everyone has an iPhone in Pakistan because of the price that is on the top of the Sky , Unlike in other Forgin countries where their are many ways to pay the payment of the iPhone or Any Product like bill me later or Carries  support pakage where you can get the oldest model for free by just paying the monthly fess of you carrier,

Student who are living in Abroad have a lot of benifets regarding apple products where student get much more discount then anyone else can have if the product is around 1000$ the same product for student will be 800$ or may be even less

But in Pakistan like I said in the start High price of iPhone 8 & iPhone x in Pakistan and its really true the price of the iPhone 8 is around 80000_+ and iPhone X is more the 1 Lac PKR Ruppes

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