iPhone 6s Touch ID Unable To Read FingerPrint


HOW TO Fix iPhone 6s Touch ID Unable To Read FingerPrint 

My Users Complain about the Touch ID in iPhone 6s that its not working properly & Touch ID in iPhone 6 Is Unable to Read the FingerPrint of the Owner of the device.

SO to Fix iPhone 6s Touch ID Unable To Read FingerPrint 

Just Go To Your Mom & Dads Room Pic Up Any Alcoholic Liquid Like Perfume , BodySpray or Any Liquid which Flow Away with the Air. But remember don’t use Petrol / Fossil Fuel otherwise your Touch ID will never work because fossil fuel will remove the To layer which protects your Touch ID to get scratches.

1: Not Once you have perfume in your hand that you got from your parents room 😛

Apply Perfume on your Hands and clean your finger with it after that

Now get a Tissue or a Soft Wool  Apply Perfume on the tissue or the wool & Clean your Home Button of your iPhone Gently don’t apply hard preasure on to the Touch ID button once you have done Applying the perfume on the Touch ID with the wool or the tissue Now just clean the button with a fresh tissue or wool and try it again and it will work this time make sure your fingers are clean otherwise the issue may occur again.

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