Apples New Upcoming Matte Black AirPods 2 Confirmed

Matte black AirPods 2 as Apple has that they are going to lunch a matte black version of AirPods 2 in 2019 this year with the new iPhone 11 in the WWDC 2019 At Apple’s,

With the New Matte Black Airpods 2, Apple has confirmed that they will have deeper bass and Probably with a heartbeat sensor or a Thermal sensor which will produce sound and bass according to your body need, you won’t have that white color airpods shining out your ears. “Matte Black Airpods 2” are more saddle in a way it’s hiding that jatle thing coming out your ears not so noticeable on the eyes.

Colours of the New AirPods 2 :

Apple will be offering the Airpods 2 in Two Colors: Back and white

In terms of Battery life on the Mate Black Airpods 2

The battery of the Matte Black Airpods 2 are more or less suddle ” In terms battery life of Airpods 2 are more likely same or More to the orginal AirPods as the battery size said to be identical”

Airpods 2 will come with a wireless charging case so you can charge your Apple Device with the same wireless charger

Black Airpods 2 Wireless charging

Airpods 2 will work with bluetooth 5.0 to enhance more performance sound quality and a very large dynamic range of Bluetooth contivity which is

  • 2x fater then the 4.0 version
  • 4x Range then the pervious 4.0 Bluetooth
  • 8x Faster Data transmitting then the previous 4.0 bluetooth

Airpods 2 Bluetooth 5.0

Price of Airpods 2

As in terms of price Airpods sound very expensive as they go around 150$ which seems very Unpredictable, but with due to time and technology enhancement it will be a fair price for the airpods.

AirPods 2 Price from Apple

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