BeAware Your IPhone Can Blast

Now a days mobile is much common then anything else in the world. and your iPhone can explode so be aware your iPhone Can Blast

So to provide enough mobile phones to feed up the world is really difficult for any company their are many mobile phone selling compines bus still their is to much competition in the mobile industry.

Top Leading Companies

Which are Apple , Samsung , Nokia, oppo any many more are present and will be avail.i. The near future,

So lets talk about Production well every year apple release their new iPhone, Samsung , Nokia do the same , but the mobile companies has too much stress and shortage of time to provide enough mobile phone so they do not do any security checks to their products because it can take too much time and can delay the product manufacturing & because of that things get complicated and turn into desasters like : Exploding of. Mobile phone , LCD damages , battery foults , get low on battery fast

Even few years ago Apple released their new iPhone which was iPhone 5 and its has a manufacturing fault where the iPhones battery was on 40% and suddenly it got turned of by it self,

samsung mobiles are famous for getting explod while talking on the phone and its on charging, its all because of Carness that these compines don’t check their product at all..


How to Be Safe & Why your iPhone can Blast

just never reserve any phone call while charging

try not to get your iPhone or any mobile device to hot

hot you can say too much usage or while playing games and your phones on charging

avoid any liquid to get into your phone so how it’ reacts very late bus come with an explode of your mobile battery


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