YouTube Ads Showed Up – Finnaly

Good news for youtubers, that YouTube ads are not officially running on YouTube videos,

  • as you know last month their were some problem from YouTube side it self and because of that the ads were not showing up on most YouTube videos

More then 300 companies bycot YouTube to run their ads on the videos which are uploaded on YouTube and because of that people were getting low cpc and low earning those who were receiving 100$ per day were getting less then 10$ even pewdiepie was getting 10$ a day who earn more then 1000$ a day,

The reason behind the diapering of ads where that some of the ads were running on certain topics which where not related to the video it self.

If the videos was about gaming, the ads which were shown on YouTube video was about Food so the company noticed that they are getting less sell and have to pay much for the ads and then They decided to get back their payment from google adword and stop their ads.,

But finely the ads are now running on YouTube videos as you can see in the image below

YouTube Ads showed up

Now Everything is back to normal that YouTube Ads showed up, but with these ads their any many new terms and condition occur by YouTube and which are mentioned below :

New YouTube channel has to have 10,000 views

Content has to be genuine and Usefull

Those channels who have uploaded copyrighted videos will get Terminated

after 10,000 view YouTube will review your channel & if your channel is eligible for YouTube then the ads will run you will get an email from YouTube team

YouTube approved account mail

What happen if I got Rejected

unfortutnally if you got rejected that you can apply again if you are not seeing monetisation or it’s saying monetisation is disable just like in this image then you can not apply for Adsense anymore

Moneytization is disable for this channel

Tips that I can personally suggest

stay safe

don’t use copyright content

upload unique videos

don’t upload any adoult content

make videos which engage your audience

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