Big Getting Bigger The iPhone 12

Apple is planing for the next big Update for the iPhone 12 in 2020, the rumours are saying the Design will be smiler to iPhone 4 with the Square edges as we have in the IPhone 4,5 as iPhone 11 Pro is the biggest realise yet and everyone is loving the Camera Quality for the iPhone lunched this year in 2019.

Apple iPhone 12Pro will comes with a bigger Display Of 6.7 Inch Display , in teams of display the iPhone 12 Pro will come OLED Display all models will Support the Same Specs except the Battery timing and Camera Performance with the Smaller Screen size.

Design for the iPhone 12 Pro

in terms of design As we can see apple may Introduced their new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro with new 4 Camera As per Rumours even though the design isn’t that attractive but still To Get the image quality apple may add a 4th Camera in the Back, the camera can be a motion camera which can help capture slow-motion in a good way or an IR Transmitter and iR Receiver to receive infrared images and videos.

Another Rumour for iPhone 12 will have a new design that it will have no notch at all and the front camera will be embedded in top bezel now but becuse of this embedded cameras in the top will be a problem for the SuPoint 5D where the edges were slightly Curved , but for iPhone 12 we will have the same glass as we had in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s.

iPhone 12 Pro WIll Support 5G

Apple is working on the 5G Modem. Apple will have its own 5G Modem ready by 2022 to 2023 but for the iPhone 12 Pro which will support the 5G Network may be seen in the 2020 Lunch its up to apple how they will work on 5G Technology on their iPhones.

iPhone 12 Lunch Date

Apple iPhone 12 will be Lunch in 2020 in the Big Event By Apple in September ( 2020 )

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