Electric Pallet Truck G20/25 By EiosLift

Electric Pallet Truck G20 / 25

ReliabilityUsing 5 support points and low center of gravity, equipped with high-strength steel-sheet frame as a frame structure, so it has great load-carrying capacityWith unique floating suspension system, to prevent slipping, so its body has greater stabilityThe main components of the truck use imported parts, to improve the reliability of the truckPull-rod type structure design with deformation resistance and durabilityHigh-strength formed forkElectric Pallet Truck G20




With emergency reversing device and emergency brake functionHigh-strength arm protection design, to ensure safe operation of operatorCurve control technology to ensure large-angle turning stabler and saferPedal folded automatically reduces travel speed to ensure safety of pedestrian-operation



The ergonomically designed handle with accessible buttons reducing operator fatigueConvenient EPS steering function, with low noise, can be oprated with only one hand.Exceptional manoeuvrability in extremely confined areas ensured by creep speed buttonThe standing-type pedal with vibration reduction is suitable for long distance handling and reduces opeartor fatigue


High performance

The imported high-power AC drive motor provides powerful acceleration strong, to ensure high-efficiency travelHigh-capacity battery ensures its excellent life cycleLow-battery locking function extends the battery lifeElectromagnetic and regenerative braking system greatly improves the efficiency


Easy MaintenanceMaintenance-free AC drive motor, replacement of carbon brush not neededThe CANBUS system enables fast access to the truck data an greatly reduces the maintenance timeSide-pulling battery design, replaced more convenientlyLIONMAN HMI system independently researched by Eoslift facilitates maintenance

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