iOS 10.3 Beta 7 Available For Download Public

iOS 10.3 Beta 7 Av

iOS 10 beta 7 available for download

Hey friends apple has just released Their new iOS 10.3 beta 7 for public
Which having my bugs fixed and new option are available for the users battery timing has be little improved in minutes but for an apple users it’s really important that the battery time get increased so we can use our apple products little more time,
Apple battery timing and performance
Well apple is good in hardware and software but still they are far back behind in battery timing. This is the main question why apple is not increasing their battery timing, may be it may cost more but in my opinion, by giving a good battery timing apple products will go on top in the mobile industry’s

Features of the new iOS 10.3 beta 7
Well as I said in the upper paragraph, many bugs are fixed in the new iOS 10.3 Beta 7 camera improvement software effects and many inner icons has been changed…,,,

For more about Apple
And if you want to get hands on iOS 10.3 then just download the profile of beta upgrade and enjoy the advance features of iOS 10.3 Beta’s

ailable For Download Public



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