Pakistani Local Sites Got Hacked By Indian Hackers

Pakistani local sites got hacked by karela

Hacker who hacked Pakistani sites

As you can see many Pakistani local sites got hacked ,when you will open your site this page is showing up that means you got hacked and to fix it there are many solutions given below

These groups of hackers have hacked many Pakistani local sites got hacked as  well as they want justic , of that guy who is in Pakistani coustedy , and they are saying that he is a safe person he had not done any crime, if he is in Indian army then what is he doing in Pakistan without any legal permission , what were his intentions of being in Pakistan that’s the misstory

But for Pakistani Army and agency it’s no multistory anymore because this guy has confessed that he is the reason behind Pakistani attacks and terraiom

So Pakistani Govt has decided to sew him up for the crimes he made in Pakistan, but unfortunately Indian people don’t know the truth, as this person is saying that i have done all the criminal activities then how can you say he is innocent in any way.

Still hacking some local site will not Effect anyone and. No one cares that their site is got hacked because we can resume or site from where it got hacked easily,

How karela hackers are hacking sites..?

Well they are just using an injection and removing you index.html or index.php page to their own custom coding index page. With google and anymous links so they don’t get trace and if the are hacking local site just like mine we are hopeless to trace them or give them an backward answer.. because we don’t know who they were where they were from and how to get their site down?

Still revenge is not the solution for this problem. It will only make both countries angry, and having war with each other is not a good idea for both of us countries

How To Fix Hacked Site By Karela Hacker’s

so here were some personal experience I have shared with you guys that even my site ioslift was a victim of these groups and I hope you guys will be ready by getting a site backup so you can restore your site back to it was..



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